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Bubble Screen

What is Bubble Screen?

An offensive play in which an eligible receiver lines up on the wide side of the field and cuts quickly towards the quarterback immediately after the snap to receive a pass. The offense will attempt to get a series of blockers out in front of the receiver so that the player can gain yards after the catch. The bubble screen is considered a quick hit play, and is used to get the ball in the hands of a quick player as fast as possible.

Sporting Charts explains Bubble Screen

The bubble screen has gained popularity as a way to utilize fast and agile players on the outside of the field. Unlike a normal screen, in which a running back receives a short pass with offensive linemen blocking in front of them, the bubble screen uses a wide receiver receiving a pass behind a wall of offensive players lined up wide, often other receivers and tight ends. The bubble screen can be a highly effective play at speeding up the pace of the game and giving a fast player a chance to break a big play.

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