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Bump and Run

What is Bump and Run?

A term for a type of pass coverage used by defensive players. In bump and run coverage, defensive players will attempt to make contact with the offensive player immediately after the snap of the ball in order to disrupt the pass route that the offensive player intends to run. In good bump and run coverage, the defender will make a good bump on the offensive player in the first five yards, and then turn and play traditional coverage, running with the offensive player downfield.

Sporting Charts explains Bump and Run Coverage

Bump and run coverage is one of the primary techniques that a defense will use to disrupt an offense's passing game. By making contact with the receivers immediately after the snap, the defense can alter the timing of the pass routes as well as keep the receivers from streaking downfield quickly. The risk of this type of coverage is that a missed bump at the beginning of the play can place a defender out of position and allow the receiver to get behind the defense. Good bump and run defenders tend to be big, physical, and athletic.

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