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Canadian Football League - CFL

What is Canadian Football League - CFL?

A professional football league comprised of Canadian teams that plays a slightly different version of football. The CFL has eight teams located throughout Canada that play a nineteen week regular season and three week playoffs culminating in the Grey Cup, which is the CFL Championship Game. The league is the highest level professional football organization in Canada.

Sporting Charts explains Canadian Football League - CFL

The CFL has a series of different rules compared to the NFL. The CFL field is both longer and wider than the NFL field. CFL teams have twelve people on the field at a time compared to the NFL's 11. In the CFL, teams have three downs to get ten yards rather than four to achieve another first down. A number of other rules are different regarding fair catches, players in motion, and players recovering kicks. The terminology is often different between the two games, even amongst similarities. CFL teams tend to recruit players who are considered undersized for the NFL, due to the wide-open nature of the game.

Warren Moon and Doug Flutie are two of many players to get their start in the CFL before moving to the NFL.

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