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What is Carry?

A statistic that notes any time an offensive player runs with the football with an intent on gaining yardage. This can be a set running play, or a quarterback scramble on a called passing play. The primary use of the carry statistic is to determine which players are involved the most in the running game. Running backs with a lot of carries tend to be the better and more durable backs in the league.

Sporting Charts explains Carry

A carry is the easiest statistic to determine who a team is most likely to hand the ball off to on running plays. Some teams will use a primary back who gets most of the carries, while other teams will use a stable of backs who will each get a share of carries. Backs who get a lot of carries have to be strong and durable, as it is easy to get worn down by the defense by running too many times. While running backs are most likely to record carries, it is possible for a wide receiver, tight end, or quarterback to carry the ball in certain situations.

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