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Chop Block

What is Chop Block?

A term for a blocking strategy in which an offensive player will block a defensive player, and second offensive player will attempt to cut down the defensive player by blocking him down around the knees. The chop block was banned as a strategy due to the extreme likelihood of knee injuries occurring during a chop block. The penalty is fifteen yards from the previous line of scrimmage and a replay of the down.

Sporting Charts explains Chop Block

The chop block was a common strategy in football for quite some time due to the effectiveness of getting a defensive player on the ground and opening a hole for the offensive to run a successful play. However, the dangerous nature of having a player contact a defenseless player around the knees led to the strategy being deemed illegal. Players will often try to get away with a block similar to a chop block by hitting the defensive player higher and avoiding the knees. The penalty is fifteen yards, and the down is replayed.

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