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Chuck and Duck

What is Chuck and Duck?

A disparaging term popularized by former NFL coach Buddy Ryan used in referring to the "run-and-shoot" offense used by several teams, including Ryan's own Houston Oilers, during the early 1990s. Ryan was not a fan of the high speed, passing oriented focus of the offense, and would often use the term in public criticism of his team's offense. Critics of the run and shoot offense felt that it was too much of a finesse offense to succeed in the NFL.

Sporting Charts explains Chuck and Duck

Ryan was defensive coordinator of the Houston Oilers when it was running the powerful run and shoot offense. Ryan believed that the passing focus of the offense was ineffective, and cost the team in late game situations when running the ball could have killed the clock. The criticism reached a peak during an in-game sideline confrontation between Ryan and Houston offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride about the play calling.

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