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Coffin Corner

What is Coffin Corner?

A strategy in which a punter will attempt to direct his kick so that it goes out of bounds as close as to the end zone as possible. The goal of a coffin corner kick is to pin the opposing team deep in their own territory while also limiting the possibility of a return by the opposing special teams unit. A coffin corner kick requires a great deal of precision as a bad attempt at a coffin corner kick could result in a bad punt out of bounds for short yardage.

Sporting Charts explains Coffin Corner

The coffin corner kick is a rarely used strategy in modern football. Rather than focusing on hang time and distance, it focuses on precise directional kicking. An ideal coffin corner kick crosses the sideline at a spot as close as possible to the end zone without going into the end zone. An effective coffin corner punt forces the opposing offense to go the length of the field by itself. Few punters still use this tactic due to the emphasis placed on long, high kicks down the field.

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