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Completion Percentage

What is Completion Percentage?

A statistic used to determine how effective a quarterback is at completing his forward pass attempts. Completion percentage is determined by figuring the total percentage of pass attempts that are completed to an eligible receiver. Quarterbacks with high completion percentage tend to be more effective at leading their team down the field using the passing game. Certain advanced statistics will divide completion percentage into different segments depending on pass location and distance.

Sporting Charts explains Completion Percentage

Completion percentage is one of the most common statistics used to determine the accuracy of a quarterback. Good quarterbacks will have a high completion percentage since they use good decision making about who to deliver a pass to while looking downfield. Typically, the best quarterbacks will complete over 70% of their passes. Completion percentage can be further divided to show a quarterback's effectiveness on long passes versus short passes. A quarterback with a low completion percentage is unlikely to be able to lead his team on sustained drives.

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