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What is Completion?

A statistic that measures each time a player successfully completes a forward pass. The completion statistic applies to the player who threw the pass, not the player who caught it. A completion can be used to determine how effective a quarterback is at using the forward pass, as well as how often a team is utilizing it. A completion can be thrown to any eligible player. Completions are usually measured along with pass attempts, which is any time a player attempts a forward pass whether or not it was successful.

Sporting Charts explains Completion

A completion is the main way to keep track of how many successful passes a quarterback made. In concert with other statistics, it helps evaluate yards per play and the percentage of passes that a quarterback successfully completed. A quarterback with a lot of completions tend to be good at finding open receivers and delivering accurate passes. The number of completions can also be an indicator of how much a team is passing rather than running. 

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