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Corner Route

What is Corner Route?

A route run by a receiver in football that requires the receiver to run up the field perpendicular to the line of scrimmage, then turn roughly 45 degrees in the direction of the sidelines. The route can be short (Quick Corner) or long (Flag Corner), depending on the play that is called.

Sporting Charts explains Corner Route

The corner route is a common pattern run by wide receivers with teams that use a West Coast style offense. Quick corner routes generally tend to be favored if a team is attempting to gain quick yardage or convert a first down on a short yardage play, often when there is little time left on the game clock. Longer corner routes aim for large gains or the end zone, and are usually more effective when receiver is in isolated coverage, with the defensive back playing inside. A corner route that goes to the back corner of the end zone is also known as a “fade” route, as the receiver is “fading” toward the corner as he runs vertically, in an attempt to create space between the defender and himself.  

The corner route is often discussed or paired with the post route, which mirrors the corner but heads toward the center of the field rather than toward the sideline. Because the initial vertical dash of both routes are basically the same, wide receivers running corners can fake running the post, when in actuality they are planning to turn toward the corner. The corner and post routes will often both be used in the same play, in an effort to split the defense, and the post-corner route combines both post and corner movements in its execution.

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