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Dink and Dunk

What is Dink and Dunk?

A derogatory term for an offense that employs a passing game composed primarily of short passes downfield for modest gains.

Sporting Charts explains Dink and Dunk

A “dink and dunk” offense usually refers to a more conservative passing offense that relies on short passes rather than deep or long “chunk yardage” passes. Most pass plays considered a “dink” or “dunk” are quick flat, drag, hitch or corner routes that typically go for less than ten yards per pass and develop quickly from the snap of the football.

Dink and dunk offenses typically originate on teams that have an inexperienced or mediocre quarterback. In these cases the quarterback does not have a very advanced skillset, a particularly strong arm, is unfamiliar with the system employed by the team, or some combination of all three. For teams that have a strong running game and only require a quarterback who does not make a lot of mistakes, the dink and dunk offense can be an effective way to control time of possession and sustain long drives.

A version of the dink and dunk offense is often used by teams as part of a “2-minute” offense towards the end of a half or the game to move the ball down the field quickly for a field goal or quick score.

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