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Drag Route

What is Drag Route?

A route run by a receiver in football that requires the receiver to run a short distance downfield, then turn 90 degrees towards the center of the field, moving parallel with the line of scrimmage. The receiver then catches the football as he passes in front of the quarterback.

Sporting Charts explains Drag Route

The drag route is a common route used in many offensive schemes, often in short yardage situations for a first down. It can be used by a receiver lined up in the slot or split and is one of the simpler routes to learn. Because it does move vertically, it can sometimes be disrupted by jamming defenders or bumping, and is most effective when it is combined with routes at other distances.

The drag route became popular in the NFL with the advent of the “West Coast Offense,” as it often made use of short passes to the quick receivers dragging across the inside part of the field, who would often be in motion prior to the snap.

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