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Excessive Time Outs

What is Excessive Time Outs?

This is considered a penalty in the game of football. This happens when a team attempts to call more time outs than allowed. Each team is allowed three time outs per half. If a team uses all three and attempts to call a fourth time out, the team is given a five-yard penalty, and the game clock is restarted.

Sporting Charts explains Excessive Time Outs

In the 2011 Cowboys vs. Redskins game, Dallas lined up for a game winning field goal. Once they had all the players on the field, they realized they did not have the right personnel and attempted to call a time out. The problem was that they had none left. The next problem was that the refs missed this call, and instead the Redskins called a time out in an attempt to ice the Cowboys' kicker. This let the Cowboys avoid this penalty and kick the game winning overtime field goal.

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