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Fake Punt

What is Fake Punt?

A trick play in football where the offensive team lines up in a punt formation with the punter set to receive the ball to punt to the defensive team but instead receives the ball and runs a passing or running play. In some instances, the ball will be snapped directly to a running back who will either run or pass the ball. The goal of this play, which is often run on fourth down, is to gain enough yard to get a first down and a new set of down.

Sporting Charts explains Fake Punt

The defensive team is expecting a punt when the offensive team sets up in a punt formation, which makes them more susceptible to being caught off guard with a trick play. However, punt fakes are risky for the offensive team as they aren't highly successful and will usually result in the ball being turned over with better position for the opposing team than if the offensive team had just punted the ball away.


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