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Fumble Recoveries

What is Fumble Recoveries?

A fumble recovery is counted when an offensive player in possession of the ball fumbles, and the ball is recovered by either team.  A fumble recovery is counted even when the same team that fumbled regains possession.

Sporting Charts explains Fumble Recoveries

A fumble recovery is an important statistic to every team and is recorded officially by the League and by teams.  Every team wants to make sure they recover all their own fumbles, and also recover as many of the opposition's fumbles as well.  In order to recover a fumble successfully, players practice falling on top of the ball rather than trying to pick it up.  This is because picking up a football bouncing around on the field is infinitely more difficult than simply falling on it.  There are some cases were players are encouraged to attempt to return the ball, especially if the recovering player has good hands.

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