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Hitch and Go

What is Hitch and Go?

A pass route run by an offensive receiver in which the player will begin the route as if they are running a hitch before taking off downfield as fast as possible. This route attempts to deceive the defensive back into jumping the hitch, giving the receiver a chance to get behind them on the go route for a big play. Defenses will use safety help over the top to assist the defensive back, allowing him to play closer to the receiver at the line of scrimmage.

Sporting Charts explains Hitch and Go

The hitch and go is one of the most common misdirection routes in an offense's arsenal. An offense can take advantage of an overly aggressive defense by running a hitch and go with a good deep receiver. If the defensive back tried to jump the hitch route for an interception, the wide receiver can turn run the go and be wide open behind the defense. A defensive back will have to be cautious on the hitch route to avoid getting beat deep.

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