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What is Holder?

The term for the individual who receives the snap from center and places the ball in a proper manner for the kicker on a field goal or extra point attempt. A holder will lineup approximately seven yards behind the line of scrimmage and make the snap call. Ideally, the holder will receive the snap cleanly and place the ball in contact with the ground at an angle that the kicker prefers to make contact with the ball. At times, the holder may have to adjust to a bad snap and, in the event of a very bad snap, may have to adlib a play.

Sporting Charts explains Holder

The holder is usually a backup quarterback or punter. The best holders are adept at adjusting to a variety of snaps and are effective at placing the ball consistently in a manner that allows the kicker to maximize their accuracy. Some teams like to use a backup quarterback to give them the option to run a fake kick, because a quarterback has a better chance to complete a pass.

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