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Hook and Ladder

What is Hook and Ladder?

The hook and ladder is a trick play very rarely used in pro football, which requires a very specific route combination between two receivers. One receiver must run a "hook". The ball is thrown to this receiver, while a second receiver is running a "crossing route" underneath the hook. After the ball is completed to the receiver running the hook, this player pitches it to the receiver running the crossing route.

Sporting Charts explains Hook and Ladder

The hook and ladder is a risky play rarely run. It is run with the intention of creating
misdirection and hoping to catch the opposing defense off guard. It is most commonly used at the end of the game when a team is losing and has nothing to lose and everything to gain by running it. The most famous use of the hook and ladder happened in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, between Boise State and Oklahoma. Boise State used the hook and ladder among many other trick plays in a massive comeback to upset the more highly-ranked Sooners.

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