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Hurry Up Offense

What is Hurry Up Offense?

Also referred to as a "two-minute drill", a hurry up offense is a strategy that a team uses when trying to move the ball quickly, either at the end of the game or half. Throwing the ball in this situation is often emphasized.

Sporting Charts explains Hurry Up Offense

The hurry up offense is a tactic used to quickly score points at the end of a half, or when trailing at the end of the game. It is often used inside of two minutes of either the half or end of the game. The offense does not huddle in these situations, as the quarterback calls plays at the line of scrimmage. Passing is generally emphasized in these situations, especially pass routes close to the sidelines where the receiver can immediately get out of bounds to stop the clock. In the event of a completed pass in bounds, the quarterback will often spike the ball in order to stop the clock. The Buffalo Bills began using the hurry up offense as their base offense in the 1980s under quarterback Jim Kelly.

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