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Icing the Kicker

What is Icing the Kicker?

This is a tactic used by head coaches in which a time-out is called immediately before the opposing team snaps the ball on a field goal. It is intended to psych out the opposing kicker and give him extra time to think about the kick.

Sporting Charts explains Icing the Kicker

This tactic is intended to make the kicker more nervous than he already is before a kick. However, what often happens is that the ball is still snapped after the time-out is called, and the kicker kicks it anyway. Icing the kicker is an aggressive tactic that often backfires, as sometimes the kick is missed yet due to the time-out the kicker is given a second try and makes it.

A study conducted by Scott Berry showed that icing the kicker caused the success rate of kicks from between 40-55 yards with under three minutes to play to drop by 10 percent.

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