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Interception Rate

What is Interception Rate?

A statistic in football that measures the percent of pass attempts that lead to interceptions. Interception rate is mainly used to evaluate the performance of quarterbacks where the lower the INT% the better. This statistic gives an indication as to how many interceptions a quarterback is likely to throw on each pass attempt.

INT% = interceptions / pass attempts

Sporting Charts explains Interception Rate - INT%

For example, during the 2012 NFL season New England Patriots QB Tom Brady threw 8 interceptions on 637 pass attempts for a interception rate of just 1.30% while New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez threw 18 interceptions on 453 pass attempts for a interception rate of 4.00%. This figure tells us that Mark Sanchez is roughly 3x more likely to throw an interception than Tom Brady.

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