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What is Kicker?

A position on special teams that is primarily responsible for kicking extra points and field goals, as well as kicking off after scores are at the beginning of a half. Kickers are specialty players since they only play a handful of plays per game. Kickers are prized for their strong and accurate legs which make them effective on longer field goals, giving their team a wider area from which to put points on the scoreboard. Kickers tend to be smaller players.

Also known as "placekicker". 

Sporting Charts explains Kicker

Kicker is one of the most pressure filled positions on a football team. The kicker only plays a handful of plays per game, but with each play there is a responsibility to score points or pin the team deep on a kickoff. The best kickers have strong legs that can reach the goalposts from 50 yards or more and are accurate enough to make field goals consistently from a variety of distances. The best kickers can kick the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs, resulting in a touchback and giving the offense the ball at their own 20-yard line. Kickers are not used on other plays, since they tend to be much smaller than other players.

Well known kickers include Nate Kaeding, Mike Vanderjagt, Rob Bironas and Shayne Graham

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