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What is Linemen?

A position that refers to any player who plays the majority of snaps lined up along the line of scrimmage. Linemen tend to start plays in a three-point stance rather than standing up. A lineman can be on offense or defense. Offensive linemen are primarily responsible for blocking the defensive players in order to increase the success of the play, while defensive linemen tend to guard against running plays and rush the passer.

Sporting Charts explains Linemen

Linemen are the players who spend the most time engaged along the line of scrimmage, and they tend to be the largest players on a football team. Linemen are prized for their strength and are called upon to play a very physical form of football. Offenses have five linemen on the field on all plays, while defenses will tend to have three or four linemen on any given play. The five offensive linemen work together as a unit to block on running and passing plays, while defensive linemen will attempt to shed the offensive blocks to either tackle a running back or pressure the quarterback.

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