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Long Snapper

What is Long Snapper?

A position responsible for snapping the ball on kicking and punting plays. Due to the extra length of the snap from center on kicking plays and the importance of timing on kicks, most teams use a player who specializes in that specific skill. Long snappers need to be able to deliver an accurate snap directly to the holder or punter, allowing them to get off a quick and accurate kick.

Sporting Charts explains Long Snapper

The long snapper is a very specific position on a roster. He is considered a member of the special teams unit, because like a kicker or punter, he only plays on certain units at specific moments of the game. A good long snapper is basically automatic at delivering the snap quickly and accurately to the holder or punter, and effective at blocking after the snap to keep the defense from running up the middle and blocking the kick. Usually, the long snapper is an extra offensive lineman on the depth chart.

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