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Marty Ball

What is Marty Ball?

An offensive style made popular by former NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Marty Ball puts an emphasis on running the football, controlling the clock, and playing tough defense. Typically, the offense will feature running plays on the first two downs of any given set of downs followed by a pass attempt on third down if enough yardage is still needed. On fourth down, the team will punt or attempt a field goal if they are in range. This is considered a conservative style of offense that is unlikely to score many points.

Sporting Charts explains Marty Ball

Marty Ball is a very conservative style of offense that puts a premium on clock management, field position, limiting turnovers, and playing good defense. Fans of the offense appreciate its smash-mouth style, while critics consider the offense quite limited and not explosive enough to match up against particularly effective teams. Several teams use a variety of Marty Ball, although none have stuck to the plan as strongly as Schottenheimer.

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