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No Good

What is No Good?

A call made when a kick attempt-either a field goal or an extra point-does not pass through the uprights. The ball can go wide to either side, striking the goal posts but not going through the uprights, or land short of the goal posts. A field goal that is no good gives the opposing team possession at the point where the ball was kicked, while an extra point that is no good merely disallows the point, and the kickoff will be made in the normal fashion.

Sporting Charts explains No Good

A no good kick can be a momentum swing for the opposing team. In the event of a missed extra point, the team gets a slight boost of having given up one less point, which can be quite significant as the game winds down and the teams have to score certain combinations of points. A missed field goal can be an even larger boost because in addition to denying points to the other team, the opposing team gets excellent field position for its offense to attempt to score its own points.

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