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No Huddle Offense

What is No Huddle Offense?

A tactic on offense in which a team will follow up each play by lining up in formation quickly without huddling to call the play. These offenses tend to be much faster paced, and they can keep the defense from substituting fresh players or changing its formations. They require a quarterback who can make both play calls at the line of scrimmage and adjustments depending on how the defense reacts to the no huddle. It is also an effective offense in late game situations due to the smaller amount of time it takes to run plays.

Sporting Charts explains No Huddle Offense

Teams will use a no huddle offense under a variety of circumstances. It may be used to increase the tempo of the game if the offense thinks it has an advantage at a faster pace. It may be used to keep the defense off balance and force the defensive players to react to the offense rather than allow the defense to go with its preferred defenses. It is also very commonly used in low clock situations since it takes a great deal of time to huddle up, call a play, and get to the line of scrimmage. By going without a huddle, the offense saves quite a bit of time and can get more plays off.

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