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Off Tackle

What is Off Tackle?

A running play on offense where the running back will endeavor to get outside of offensive tackle prior to turning up field to gain yards. Off tackle plays rely on athletic blockers who can get to the wide side of the field to make blocks, and on a running back who is capable of making a quick cut upfield to take advantage of any holes that open in the defense. Off tackle plays are more likely to result in big plays, since they run away from the strongest part of the defense, but they are also more likely to result in a loss of yards because the running back waits longer before attacking the line of scrimmage.

Sporting Charts explains Off Tackle

The off tackle play is a staple of most rushing offenses. Usually, the offense will have two linemen pull out to the side to lead block for the running back. Some offenses will also utilize a fullback to have an extra blocker swing wide. The blocking scheme is designed to stretch out the defense and allow the blockers to open a running lane for the running back, who will turn upfield through the hole and gain yards. The risk of an off tackle play is that it takes longer, giving the defensive team more time to swarm to the ball.

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