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Offensive Holding

What is Offensive Holding?

A penalty called when an offense player grabs onto a defensive player in order to impede his progress or gain an advantage. Holding is called when the player does not use a proper open-handed blocking technique. The 10-yard penalty is assessed from the previous line of scrimmage, and the down is replayed.

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Holding

Offensive holding is usually called on players either when they are blocking a run play or when they are in pass protection. Holding penalties are most common when a run blocker grabs a defender or drags one to the ground in order to open a hole for his running back, or when a pass blocker has to grab onto a defender to stop him from getting to the quarterback. Holding penalties can be very damaging to an offensive drive because the 10-yard penalty leaves the team in a long down and distance.

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