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Offensive Line

What is Offensive Line?

The front portion of an offensive formation that is primarily responsible for blocking the defense. An offensive line typically consists of a center, two guards and two tackles. The offensive line is tasked with run blocking, in which they will charge downfield with the intent of opening holes for a running back to advance downfield and gain yards, and pass blocking, in which the offensive line must stop the defense's pass rush and give their quarterback time to complete a pass.

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Line

The offensive line is the unit responsible for giving the skill position players time and room to make plays and gain yards. A good offensive line will be strong, agile and able to block a variety of different players all over the field. Offensive linemen are often the largest players on a team. While teams always line up with five linemen on the offensive line, occasionally an extra lineman will be used in power rushing formations.

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