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Offensive Penalties

What is Offensive Penalties?

The total number of penalties committed by the offense, or the total number of yards lost by the offense as a result of penalties, is tracked by this statistic.  Most teams have lower numbers of offensive penalties than defensive penalties.

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Penalties

Penalties are an accepted part of the game.  However, most teams seek to minimize their penalties to zero so as not to lose field position or scoring opportunities.  No penalty is good, but some coaches consider offensive penalties especially egregious.  Common penalties like holding or interference are most often called on the defense.  The rules in the NFL favor offensive teams, so when an offensive penalty is committed, especially if it something like a false start or ineligible receiver downfield, many coaches take it much more seriously than defensive penalties.  The general opinion being that defensive penalties happen in the course of a game, offensive penalties are mistakes players should not be making.

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