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Offensive Team

What is Offensive Team?

This is the team that is in possession of the football. The offensive team is attempting to advance the ball down the field and score. The team consists of a quarterback, five offensive linemen, and a combination of running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends, depending on the formation being used by the offense on any given play. The offensive team will use a variety of running plays and passing plays to advance the ball. 

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Team

The offensive team is the portion of the football team that is most often responsible for scoring points. The team is led by the quarterback, who calls the plays in the huddle and takes the snap from center. The exact alignment of the offense will change depending on the formation and play chosen for a given snap. A good offense will be effective at advancing the football and scoring touchdowns. The offense has four downs to gain 10 yards in order to receive a new set of downs, or it turns the ball over to the other team.

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