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Out Route

What is Out Route?

A route run by a receiver in football that requires the receiver to sprint upfield vertically, then abruptly turn 90 degrees toward the sideline. The quarterback throws the ball to the outside of the receiver, who then either turns upfield or heads for the sideline.

Sporting Charts explains Out Route

The out route, as its name suggests, is designed to get the receiver to the outside portion of the field, and is often used towards the end of a half or the game as a short passing route to gain yardage and stop the clock. The route is most effective in man-to-man situations, and when the defensive back guarding the wide receiver is cheating to the inside. As long as the receiver can keep the defender on his inside, the quarterback can safely deliver the ball to the outside, giving him the chance to gain yardage upfield and get out of bounds if necessary.

Running a good out route requires the receiver to have good timing and awareness. Often the quarterback will release the pass before the receiver reaches the sideline. If the receiver does not open up his body quickly enough to catch the football, a quick defensive back can step in for an interception and a clear path to the end zone.

The out route is also known as the “jet” route.

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