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Pass Attempt

What is Pass Attempt?

Anytime an offensive player throws the ball forward in an attempt to complete a pass to a teammate. Pass attempts must occur behind the line of scrimmage, and only one forward pass may be attempted per play. The quarterback is the most likely player to attempt a forward pass, although attempts by other players are allowed. The pass attempt is one of the primary strategies an offense will use to advance the ball. Pass attempts may only be caught by eligible receivers, such as running backs, tight ends and wide receivers. 

Sporting Charts explains Pass Attempt

The pass attempt is one of the main tools an offense has to advance the ball. The quarterback will attempt passes in a variety of directions and distances to several different players throughout a game. The ball must travel forward to be considered a pass attempt. A good pass attempt will be directed downfield to an open receiver. The pass attempt is considered a higher risk play than a run, since the defense has the possibility of intercepting the ball in the air. While quarterbacks are the most common passers, teams may have a different player throw an attempt on trick plays. These plays are rare, and they are considered high risk, high reward plays, since the player throwing the ball is less experienced with the forward pass.

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