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Passes Defensed

What is Passes Defensed?

A defender responsible for guarding receivers has many methods of preventing a catch.  If the ball is thrown to the receiver they are defending against, the defender may try to bat the ball away, or somehow alter the course of the ball to prevent a catch.  Each time a defender successfully deflects a pass, it is recorded a defensed pass.  The total number in a series, quarter, game, or season is passes defensed.

Sporting Charts explains Passes Defensed

This statistic is used by teams to evaluate how effective their defensive backs are at preventing a catch.  There are many rules in the NFL that favor the receiver, so a defender must be careful not to interfere with the play while trying to defend the player.  If a penalty is called on the defender, there is no pass defensed.   If the defender is successful in deflecting the pass, he could create an opportunity for an interception.

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