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Passing Yards

What is Passing Yards?

A statistic that measures the amount of yards gained by an offensive team on completed passes. Passing yards are measured for a given completion as the number of yards from the original line of scrimmage and the point that the player was tackled, forced out of bounds, or entered the end zone for a touchdown. Passing yards are subtracted from a team's total on quarterback sacks. Good quarterbacks will often have more passing yards. 

Sporting Charts explains Passing Yards

A quick way to evaluate the effectiveness of an offense is the number of passing yards gained throughout a game. A team that is getting a lot of passing yards is moving the ball well. While it takes both a passer and a receiver to gain passing yards, the statistic only applies to the player who attempted the pass; yardage gained by the pass receiver is considered "receiving yards". Quarterbacks are most likely to accumulate passing yards.

Career leaders in passing yards include Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Warren Moon.

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