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What is Placekick?

Anytime the ball is kicked from a fixed point on the ground. Placekicks are most frequently used during field goal attempts, extra point attempts, and kickoffs. A placekick either utilizes a tee that the ball is placed on and kicked off of, or is held in the proper manner by a holder who catches the snap and places the ball in the proper way for the ball to be kicked. Placekicks are almost always taken by the kicker. 

Sporting Charts explains Placekick

Placekicks are different the punts because the ball is in contact with the ground when it is kicked rather than being dropped by the punter. Placekicks are the common way for teams to attempt field goals and extra points. Most kickers use a soccer-style motion to kick the ball, as it gives them more distance and accuracy. The kick will be held by a "holder" who receives the snap from center and sets the ball in a manner that gives the kicker the best chance to make good contact on the ball. On kickoffs, a tee takes the place of the holder so that the other ten players can cover the kickoff downfield.

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