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Point After Touchdown - PAT

What is Point After Touchdown - PAT?

An extra play that takes place after a touchdown occurs. A PAT can take on one of two forms: an extra point or a two-point conversion. The ball is placed at the three-yard line nearest to the end zone. The offense may choose from two options: an extra-point kick worth one point, or running an offensive play that would be worth two points if they reach the end zone. 

Sporting Charts explains Point After Touchdown

The PAT is automatically awarded after a touchdown is scored. The extra point is the most common version of the PAT because it is almost guaranteed to succeed. This is because it consists of a simple field goal attempt from a mere twenty yards out. The two-point conversion is much more rare, mostly due to the much lower success rate of the play. Two-point conversions are generally used when a team is trailing by an amount that requires more points to catch up than a normal extra point try could provide.

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