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Points Per Game

What is Points Per Game?

To determine points per game, divide the number of points scored in a given time frame by the number of games played in the same time frame.  This statistic is officially tracked by the League and every team, as well as most publications.

Sporting Charts explains Points Per Game

Sports broadcasters and analysts use the points per game measure to gauge the average number of points scored in a game.  If a team has consistently high scoring games, they are likely to continue to do so.  This measure also helps to normalize outliers, like bad teams who suddenly score 50 points in one game but score no more than 12 in any other.  The points per game statistic paints a general picture of the overall effectiveness of a team, which has the effect of disregarding opponents and other external factors.  The team with the most points per game average (at least 10 games played), is the 1950 Los Angeles Rams, who averaged 38.83 points per game over 12 games.  They lost in the Super Bowl that year by two points to the 10-2 Cleveland Browns.

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