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What is Points?

This statistic is the number of points scored or scored against, in a given game.  It can be broken down by player, down, series, quarter, offense, defense, etc.  Any statistic that has a measure of scoring involved uses points.

Sporting Charts explains Points

In the NFL, two points are awarded for a safety, three points are awarded for a made field goal, six points are awarded for a touchdown, one point is award for a made point-after attempt, and two points are awarded for a successful two-point conversion (the latter two are known as tries, and take place after a touchdown).  A majority of points scored in a football game come from the offense, but the defense can also score if the offense commits a turnover and the defense runs it in for a touchdown.  The most combined points in a game came on November 28th, 2004, when the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns 58-48 (106 points total).

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