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Power Sweep

What is Power Sweep?

An offensive play in which the quarterback hands the ball off to a running back, who will attempt to run the ball off of one side of the offensive line. The primary element that makes a power sweep unique is that the offensive line will have several players who pull outward in front of the play to block defending players. The power sweep can gain a lot of yardage if the blockers can open holes in the defense and the running back can hit the hole with momentum. 

Sporting Charts explains Power Sweep

The power sweep is one of the more common plays in an offense's running game. The goal is to get a couple of lead blockers in front of a running back with momentum. The pulling blockers will try to seal a lane in the defense and give the running back a chance to get downfield and gain significant yardage. The power sweep carries a higher risk than a usual running play, because the play takes a longer time to develop, giving the defense a chance to swarm to the ball. A power sweep requires athletic offensive linemen that can get out into space.

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