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Punt Return Touchdown

What is Punt Return Touchdown?

A play in which a player receives a punt from the opposing team and returns the kick the length of the field into the end zone. Punt return touchdowns are somewhat rare, but are huge plays because they put points on the scoreboard without the offense having to run a play. Return teams will attempt to set up blocking schemes in order to increase the chance of a punt return touchdown, while kicking teams will punt the ball in certain ways to maximize the effectiveness of their coverage team.

Sporting Charts explains Punt Return Touchdown

A punt return touchdown is an exciting play, and one of the biggest game-changing plays in football. Effective punt returners are valued for their ability to potentially break a long return for a touchdown. These returners are often faster and more agile players. Teams will use a setup of blockers to try and give the returner lanes to avoid tacklers. Punters will try and minimize the possibility of a return for a touchdown. They will punt the ball with a lot of hang time, giving their coverage team a chance to run down the field and surround the returner.

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