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Quarterback Rating - QBRat

What is Quarterback Rating - QBRat?

A statistic that attempts to determine the overall performance of a quarterback. The rating is made up of a series of calculations that take into account the number of completions, attempts, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions that a quarterback has recorded. The highest possible rating an NFL quarterback can have is 158.3; the lowest possible rating is 0. 

Sporting Charts explains Quarterback Rating

The quarterback rating is a statistic that combines all of the other passing stats to allow easy analysis of a quarterback's overall performance. Generally, quarterbacks with high completion percentages and more touchdowns than interceptions will have high quarterback ratings, while inaccurate and interception-prone quarterbacks will have very low ratings. The equation tops out at 158.3, which is generally considered a perfect performance by a quarterback. Critics claim that the quarterback rating is an overly complicated equation that makes little sense, particularly given the odd number that makes up the top of the QB rating scale.

Career leaders in QB Rating include Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Tony Romo.

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