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Quick Kick

What is Quick Kick?

This is a phrase used in football to describe a situation in which the offensive teams punts the ball prior to fourth down. Typically, a team will wait until fourth down to punt the ball, so any punt attempt prior to that will take the defense by surprise. The punt must happen very fast in order for it to be executed successfully. The goal of this strategy is to catch the defense off-guard and allow the ball to gain distance or simply to prevent a return by the defense.

Sporting Charts explains Quick Kick

This strategy is rarely used in the National Football League because of its inability to provide positive offensive benefits due to existing rules and regulations. If the offensive team could recover the punt on a quick kick, it may change, but the offense may only recover the ball if it is touched by the defense prior to being downed. However, the play does get some usage every now and then in both the National Football League and at the collegiate level. The most recent usage was 2010 in a college football game.

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