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What is Receiver?

This is a position in football; they are tasked with catching the ball and blocking when necessary. In the National Football League, the receivers are some of the fastest, most skilled players on a team. They must have great hands in order to be able to catch the ball in any situation. Many receivers are also taller than the average football player, which enables them to reach balls thrown high in the air. At the beginning of a play, receivers are positioned outside the offensive line, to the left and/or right side.

Sporting Charts explains Receiver

When the ball is hiked, receivers will either run the route described in the play, or block the defender assigned to them. The latter occurs when a running play is called, or when the receiver is not thrown the ball and must prevent their defender from getting to the receiver that did catch the ball. If the receiver is being tasked with catching the ball, they will run the route drawn up in the play. Many modern receivers wear gloves to help them catch the ball. One of the best receivers of all time is Hall of Famer Jerry Rice.

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