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Receiving Yards

What is Receiving Yards?

This is a statistic used in football defined as the number of yards gained by a receiver on a passing play. Included in the calculation of this statistic is the distance the ball was passed and any additional yardage the player gained after the reception. The latter portion is referred to "yards after the catch."  More simply, it is the total number of yards from the line of scrimmage to where the receiver is finally tackled after catching the ball. This statistic is also known as reception yards.

Sporting Charts explains Receiving Yards

The number of receiving yards a player is able to accumulate is depended on many factors, many of which are outside the control of the receiver. Some examples include: the ability of the quarterback, the overall scheme of the offense, and other receivers on the team. The modern NFL includes lots of passing, and as a result many receivers are totaling more receiving yards on average. The National Football League record holder for receiving yards is Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, with 22,895.

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