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What is Receptions?

This is a football statistic which counts the total number of times a receiver has caught the ball. There is no other qualification that goes the calculation of receptions. If the pass was called complete during the game, and the play is not overturned, the receiver is credited with a reception. The career leader in receptions is none other than Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, with 1,549.

Sporting Charts explains Receptions

There are many factors which contribute how many balls a player is able to catch and therefore record receptions. In the case of receptions, many of these factors are within the control of the player; if the ball is thrown their direction, they have the opportunity to catch it. There is some dependence on the accuracy and ability of the quarterback, but in the NFL, most quarterbacks are good enough to get the ball close. Although Jerry Rice did have Joe Montana and Steve Young, two quarterbacks also in the Hall of Fame, many receivers have totals lots of receptions with less stellar quarterbacks, such as Tony Gonzales, who trails Jerry Rice with 1,143 receptions.

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