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Regular Season

What is Regular Season?

This is a term used in many sports, such as football, defined as the games played to determine who the best teams are in any given season. The best teams during the regular season advance to the postseason to play in the playoffs, with the opportunity to be that season's champion. In the NFL, the regular season consists of sixteen games. Most games take place on Sunday; however games are also played on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. The Monday night games take place throughout the season, while the Thursday and Saturday night games begin after the conclusion of the college football season in November.

Sporting Charts explains Regular Season

Since football is a very physically taxing sport, the NFL schedule is designed to allow every team an off week for every team during the regular season. It is also known as a bye week, and teams typically begin receiving bye weeks around week five of the regular season, and it lasts about five more weeks before every team is playing every week. Also included in the regular season is a special Christmas Day game, which is always played, no matter what day Christmas falls on in any given year. A Thanksgiving Day game is also played.

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