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Run and Shoot

What is Run and Shoot?

This is a style of offense used in football which uses motion and improvisation to beat the defense. This formation will typically feature a running back and up to four wide receivers, two on each side of the line of scrimmage. The receivers on either side will motion, or move along the line of scrimmage, immediately prior to the ball being snapped. This creates confusion on the part of the defense, and may create a mismatch and betray the defense formation they are using. If the latter occurs, the receiver and quarterback will attempt to take advantage. Furthermore, receivers are allowed to change their route during execution to adapt to the defense. It requires great skill and familiarity between the quarterback and receiver in order to complete the pass.

Sporting Charts explains Run and Shoot Offense

This offense was originally designed by a high school football coach named Glenn Ellison, though it was popularized by former Portland State Offensive Coordinator Darell Davis. The idea is to create mismatches for the receivers since the defense has to devote defensive backs to cover them. This also creates risk for the quarterback who is sacrificing protection in order to have extra receivers. However, the advantages typically outweigh this, as the many different options and variations on this style of offense allow the team to execute a variety of different plays.

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