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What is Rush?

This is a term used in football most often defined as running the ball. It may also be used to describe a defensive tactic used to prevent a pass. If the football is advanced up the field by a player running it, it is considered rushing. In this case, "rushing" and "running" are equivalent. In most cases, one could replace "run" with "rush" when describing running plays in football. For example, a player who runs the ball up the field also rushed the ball up the field. A running play is also known as a rushing play.

This term is also used to describe the defensive strategy of attempting to push back the offensive line and get to the quarterback before they pass. This is known as "rushing the passer" or "rushing the pass."

Sporting Charts explains Rush

In football, teams have two options regarding how to advance the ball up the field. They may either run the ball or pass the ball. The term rush applies to running the ball because the player needs to do it as fast as possible. This is the main reason why running the ball and rushing the ball are equivalent. In official National Football League records and statistics, rush is used as opposed to run, for example, "Rushing Yards."

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